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Monopoly Go: How To Get Free Dice Rolls In 2024

Done with the delay in getting free refills? Discover all the methods to obtain complimentary dice rolls in Monopoly GO!

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Monopoly Go, a modern twist on the classic board game, has captivated players around the world. A key aspect of this game is acquiring free dice rolls, which can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. This article will delve into various methods on how to get free dice rolls in Monopoly Go. Understanding these strategies can be the difference between just playing and dominating the game.

Running out of dice rolls can be a common issue, leaving players temporarily stalled. But with smart play and strategic moves, you can keep the game dynamic and the dice rolling continuously.

How To Get Free Dice Rolls In Monopoly Go

In Monopoly GO!, your dice rolls naturally regenerate at a steady rate, starting at five rolls per hour. This rate increases as you grow your in-game net worth, ensuring progress continuity.

However, the game also offers several other ways to replenish your dice rolls, free of charge. These opportunities range from simple, low-effort tasks to more challenging ones, each designed to enhance your gaming experience. Here are the diverse methods to gain free dice rolls:

Quick Wins: Complete Missions to Earn Dice Rolls

quick wins

In Monopoly Go, completing missions is a fantastic way to earn free dice rolls. Each mission comes with specific objectives that, when achieved, reward players with dice rolls. These missions range from simple tasks like building a property to more complex ones like completing a trade. The key here is to actively engage in these missions, which not only progresses your game but also boosts your dice roll count significantly.

Daily Treats: Earn Rewards and Progress Towards More Prizes Every Day

daily treats

The game rewards players who log in daily. Each day you log into Monopoly Go, you have the chance to earn various rewards, including dice rolls. These daily treats accumulate over time, leading to bigger prizes. The continuity of your logins plays a crucial role here, ensuring a steady stream of rewards that enhance your game.

Community Chest: Assist Friends in Opening the Chest to Earn 10 Dice

community chest

Assisting friends in Monopoly Go is not only a noble act but also a rewarding one. When you help your friends open the Community Chest, you can earn up to 10 free dice rolls. This feature encourages social interaction and teamwork, making the game more engaging while providing you with a substantial reward.

Stickers for Rewards: Trade Duplicate Stickers or Use Them for Dice Rolls

stickers for rewards

Collecting stickers in the game is another exciting way to earn free dice rolls. Players often receive duplicate stickers, which can be traded for dice rolls. This aspect of the game adds an element of strategy, where you decide whether to trade your duplicates immediately for rolls or save them for potentially bigger rewards later.

Album and Sets: Complete Sets or Entire Albums for Dice Bonuses

albums and sets

Completing sets or entire albums in Monopoly Go is not just about the satisfaction of completion; it also comes with the bonus of free dice rolls. Each set or album completed yields dice rolls, encouraging players to focus on collecting and completing these sets as they progress through the game.

Friend Invites: Invite New Friends to Join and Receive Dice When They Sign Up

playing with friends

Inviting new friends to join Monopoly Go is a straightforward way to earn free dice rolls. Each time a new friend signs up using your invite, you receive dice rolls. This system benefits both new and existing players, adding a communal aspect to the game while rewarding you for expanding the player base.

Landing on Shields: Landing on Shield Tiles While Having All Your Shields Up Grants a Rollback

shield tiles

An interesting gameplay element in Monopoly Go is the shield tiles. When you land on a shield tile while all your shields are up, you earn a rollback, which is essentially a free dice roll. This adds a strategic layer to your gameplay, encouraging you to plan your moves around these tiles.

Auto Roll Regeneration: Dice Regenerate Every 60 Minutes Based on Your Net Worth

auto roll

Dice in Monopoly Go regenerate automatically over time, with the rate depending on your Net Worth in the game. Every 60 minutes, you earn dice rolls, making time a valuable asset. Players should strategize their gameplay to increase their Net Worth, as this directly affects the rate of dice regeneration.

Free Gift: Claim Rolls from the Store Every 18 Hours After Reaching a Certain Net Worth

net worth upgrades
Reaching a specific Net Worth in Monopoly Go unlocks the ability to claim free dice rolls from the store every 18 hours. This feature is a reward for your progress in the game and provides a consistent way to gain extra rolls, especially helpful for regular players who are actively increasing their Net Worth.

Store: Occasionally, Free Rolls Are Available in the Store’s Offers

Lastly, the in-game store occasionally offers free dice rolls as part of its promotions or special events. These offers are time-sensitive and vary, so keeping an eye on the store and its changing deals can be a lucrative way to accumulate extra dice rolls.


Understanding how to get free dice rolls in Monopoly Go is essential for an enhanced gaming experience. Whether it’s through daily logins, in-game achievements, social interactions, or keeping an eye out for promotions, there are multiple ways to boost your dice roll count. These strategies can give you a significant advantage, making your Monopoly Go journey both more enjoyable and successful.


How often can I earn free dice rolls through daily logins?

You can earn free dice rolls every day through daily logins. The rewards often increase with consecutive logins, culminating in a larger bonus at the end of the week.

Are there any specific events that offer more free dice rolls?

Yes, special events or challenges in Monopoly Go often provide opportunities to earn more free dice rolls. Keep an eye on in-game notifications for these events.

Can I get free dice rolls by playing with friends?

Absolutely! Playing Monopoly Go with friends can earn you free dice rolls, especially when initiating games with new players or winning matches against them.

Do in-app purchases always come with free dice rolls?

Not always, but many in-app purchase packages include bonus dice rolls. Look for deals that offer the best value, including those with additional dice rolls.

Is joining a Monopoly Go community beneficial for earning free dice rolls?

Yes, being an active member of a Monopoly Go community can lead to earning free dice rolls through community challenges, events, or even giveaways shared among members.

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