How To Get Free Dice Rolls In Monopoly Go? 10 Best Methods

Monopoly Go is an exciting game that combines the classic fun of Monopoly with new twists and challenges. One of the key elements in the game is the Monopoly Go Dice, which are crucial for progressing and winning. In this article, we’ll explore the best methods to get free Monopoly Go Dice, ensuring you never run out and always stay ahead of the competition.

What Are Monopoly Go Dice?

Monopoly Go Dice are the essential currency in the game that allows you to make moves, purchase properties, and engage in various events. Without enough dice, your progress can stall, making it important to know how to get them for free.

10 Best Methods to Get Free Monopoly Go Dice

Here are 10 Best Methods You Can Use To Earn Extra Dice Rolls:

Dice Links

One of the easiest ways to get free Monopoly Go Dice is through special links provided by the game developers. These Dice links are often shared on social media, forums, and official Monopoly Go pages. Make sure to follow the official channels to stay updated and grab these free dice whenever they are available.

Collecting Stickers

Collecting Monopoly Go Stickers is another effective method. Stickers can be earned through gameplay, events, and trading with friends. Once you have a complete set, you can often trade them in for free dice or other valuable rewards. There’s a special Wild Sticker which if you obtain you can get a chance to grab any special sticker you want.

Participate In Partner Events

Participating in Monopoly Go Partner Events can also yield free dice. These events are special collaborations or themed challenges that offer various rewards, including dice. Keep an eye out for these events and make sure to participate actively to maximize your gains.

Participate In Treasures Events

Treasure Events in Monopoly Go are periodic events where players can earn extra dice by completing certain tasks or finding hidden treasures on the game board. These events are a great opportunity to boost your dice collection without spending any money.

Collecting New Shields

While primarily used for defense, Monopoly Go Shields can indirectly help you get more dice. By protecting your assets with shields, you reduce the risk of losing progress and can save dice for offensive moves rather than defensive recoveries.

Dice Multiplier

Dice Multipliers are resource monetization mechanics. By using them, you agree to spend extra dice per roll in exchange for the opportunity to win bigger prizes. For example, rolling dice with a ×5 Multiplier increases your chances of obtaining shields, cash, or rent by a factor of five, but it consumes five dice per roll.

To adjust the Multiplier, tap the “×1” button next to the “Go!” button. Think of the Dice Multiplier as an on-demand booster. Whenever you need better outcomes, you can increase the Multiplier. However, there is a limit: the highest Dice Multiplier in Monopoly Go is 100, unless there’s an active event that allows higher numbers.

Add And Invite Friends

Adding and inviting friends to play Monopoly Go not only enhances the social aspect of the game but also provides numerous opportunities for earning free dice. Friends can send you dice as gifts, and you can collaborate on completing tasks that reward free dice.

Complete Color Sets

Completing colour sets in Monopoly Go is another effective way to earn free dice. Each completed set can provide significant rewards, including dice, which can be used to further your progress in the game. Focus on trading and acquiring properties to complete these sets efficiently.

Golden Blitz Event

The Golden Blitz Event is a special event in Monopoly Go that offers a chance to earn a large number of dice in a short period. Participating in this event and performing well can provide you with a substantial dice boost, helping you stay competitive and advance quickly.

Daily Bonuses And Rewards

Finally, don’t forget to claim your daily rewards and bonuses in Monopoly Go. Logging in every day and completing daily tasks can provide a steady stream of free dice. Consistency is key, so make sure to take advantage of these daily opportunities.


Collecting free Monopoly Go Dice is essential for maintaining your progress and enjoying the game to its fullest. By utilizing these ten methods, you can ensure a steady supply of dice without spending real money. Stay active, participate in events, and engage with the Monopoly Go community to maximize your dice collection.

Free Monopoly Go Dice FAQs

What are the best ways to get free Monopoly Go Dice?

The best ways include using Monopoly Go Dice Links, collecting Monopoly Go Stickers, participating in Partner and Treasure Events, and completing daily rewards and bonuses.

How often do Monopoly Go Partner Events occur?

Partner Events occur periodically and are announced through the game's official channels. Make sure to follow these channels to stay updated.

Can I trade Monopoly Go Stickers with friends?

Yes, trading stickers with friends is a great way to complete sets and earn rewards, including free dice.

How do Monopoly Go Dice Multipliers work?

Dice Multipliers increase the number of dice you earn from various activities. They are often available during special events and can be used strategically to maximize your dice collection.

What should I do if I miss a daily reward?

If you miss a daily reward, try to log in more consistently. Daily rewards are designed to encourage regular play, so make it a habit to check in and complete tasks every day.